Bob Bertolini

West Haven

"I converted to gas and they took out the oil tank and put in a new boiler and hot water heater. They were very professional and did a nice clean job. They were very precise and neat and left no mess behind."

Janie Ouellette

North Haven

"They put in a new heating system in my home. The old furnace wasn’t functioning, so they put in a new up to date furnace and they also fixed the ac system. When I bought my home I didn’t realize how bad the furnace was and it was a big job to put in a new one. They came out and did things in the least expensive way possible, they’re very trustworthy and I’m happy to take their advice."

Kevin Howe

New Haven Contractor

"They installed a new heating system, a complete remodel. They were there with the price and did a fantastic job, the heating inspector came out and said they did great work."

Ben Gossart


"My furnace died in the middle of the night and they came out early the next day and replaced it within a day with a brand new furnace. They were very helpful and quick."

Frank Tenedine

North Haven

"They installed a central air conditioning system and did a good job. They were prompt and I’m very satisfied."

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